The Bad’uns: Clown Acts of Contagion


About The Bad'uns:

Women in dangerously, dangerously bad moods. Portrayed by clowns.

A darkly comic look at the legends of famous women criminals, outlaws and killers.

‍The physical, funny, bewitching, satirical work of the all-women clown troupe Clowns Ex Machina is ripe for these days we live in.

Unruly, riotous and heart-breaking clown-theatre.

Presented by LaMaMa

Created and directed by Kendall Cornell in collaboration with the ensemble

Performed by Clowns Ex Machina: Carla T Bosnjak, Kendall Cornell, Lena Hudson, Julie Kinkle,

Michaela Lind, Lucia Rich and Virginia Venk

Mis-en-Scene by Sean Ryan

Lighting by Carla T Bosnjak

Costume Conjuring by Taylor Harrison

Clown Assistants: Maggie Tully, Rachel Weekley

Producing Wizard: Michelle Persoff