Nighty Knight, Manny Panny


About Nighty Knight, Manny Panny:

Nighty Knight, Manny Panny is a journey taken by one lonely man through an imaginative landscape of his own desire and fears. A comical tale of love, dreams and seeing beneath the surface, the audience follows Manny Panny through this strange and colorful world as he embarks on a quest where he meets an adventurous knight, a hefty oracle, and a mad scientist who all help him see his love for who she truly is. Using elements of European physical theater, original music, and puppetry, we invite you to join us on a whimsical journey that is sure to touch the heart and stir the spirit.

Presented by The Octopus League as part of the Boulder International Fringe Festival

Created in collaboration with the ensemble

Performed by Bobby Dart, Mark Hatfield, Tonya Malik, Claire Patton, Tim Rearick and Lucia Rich

Written by Claire Patton in collaboration with the ensemble

Music by Bobby Dart, Mark Hatfield

Art by Bobby Dart