UPCOMING                                                                                       PAST 
Currently collaborating with Margarita Blush on Unfolding the Story , a new puppet piece premiering in Sep 2015 at UCON in Storrs, Connecticut. 

Oct 2014
Visiting teaching artist at UCON University in Storrs, Connecticut. 
Commedia 'del Arte for the puppet arts students! 

2014 TOUR DATES for
Created by Lucia Rich & Claire Patton

Check out our New Trailer for The Awkward Art of Flying, heading to The Edmonton Fringe Festival Aug 12th! Buy Tickets here

Fresno Rogue Festival: Fresno, CA February 28-March 9

Fairfield, IA
June 13-15th

Edmonton Fringe Festival:  Edmonton, Alberta Canada August 14-24

Boulder International Fringe Festival: Boulder, CO 
Sep 17-28
Pantaloons and pantomime, rules, ribbons and flying objects, this extreme physical duet will flip you upside down and inside out. The Awkward Art of Flying explores the elusive theme of feminine identity: trying it on, taking it off, and the shedding of layers in between. Experience a death match between debutante chickens and cavewomen dreaming of flight. Downton Abbey with a splash of Carol Burnett, vaudeville flirting with absurdist comedy, traversing genres, personifying objects, animals, and historical heroines along the way in a string of fiercely imaginative and unexpectedly human poetic vignettes. Leave your parasol at the door, button your buttons and batten down the hatches… it’s going to be a bumpy ride!


                                                                                                                                                              - Marcus Lucas

JUNE 23-AUGUST 1, 2014:

Teaching at Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts School and Camp, Steamboat Springs, CO

JUNE 2014:

Friday June 13th & Sunday June 15th, *7:30pmMorning Star Studio

* PLEASE NOTE: There has been a time change for Sunday, June 15th. Show will be at 7:30pm instead of a 2pm!

“Patton and Rich’s intense and adept movement work makes Flying thoughtful, evocative, and just plain lovely,” -  Kings River Life Magazine, Fresno, CA. 

• $12/$10 students/seniors available at the door, cash or check accepted.

• Show runs 55 minutes with no intermission. 

• Appropriate for all ages.  


QUAKE THEATRE is pleased to be sponsored by the SOFIA Foundation of Fairfield to participate in the All Things Italian Festival on June 14th, Fairfield, IA.
Rich and Patton will offer a lecture-demonstration, Playing With Fire: Traditional Archetypes of the Italian Comedyas well as a Commedia dell'Arte inspired masked performance of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Rich and Patton will portray the classic Star-crossed lovers in an adaptation of the Bard's tragic tale with a twist. Romeo and Juliet will be an irreverent comedy, fun for the whole family! Shows are 15 minutes and will run 3 times throughout the evening between 5-8pm at the Gazebo. Lecture will be held at Fellowship Hall, 1pm. 

Commedia dell'Arte is about urgency and passion. The highly physicalized characters are larger than life, delightful to play and exciting to watch. Rich and Patton fell in love with Italian Comedy during their study of LeCoq-based physical theater in London, England and Padua, Italy respectively. 

Playing With Fire: Traditional Archetypes of Italian Comedy is intended to deepen the audience's appreciation of Commedia by providing insight into its historical background, prevalent themes, and cultural influence.  


Aug 25th

CHO Auditorium, Denver, CO 

June 7-9th

with Lucia Rich, Shoshana Bass, Casey Beauchamp, Margarita Blush, Peter Davison, T'ai Hartley
Music by Jesse Manno

Dairy Center for the Arts in the Performance Space
June 7th at 8 PM
June 8th at 8 PM
June 9th at 2 PM

Tickets: $18/$14   Box office: 303 444 7328        

May 31st - June 1st

Quake Theater Presents-
The Awkward Art of Flying:  A Physical Duet
8:00 PM
The Wesley Chapel
1290 Folsom Street Boulder, CO
Tickets: $10

Pantaloons and pantomime, rules, ribbons, and Victorian flying objects - welcome to the whimsical, unpredictable world of The Awkward Art of Flying.  These ladies will flip you upside down and turn you inside out, so button your buttons and batten down the hatches...it's going to be a bumpy ride!  

Aug 10th
Teaching a Community Yoga Class @ Samadhi
19th and Pearl, Denver, CO 12-1pm. $8

March 22
AUGUSTANA Arts Proudly Presents:
Musica Sacra Chamber Orchestra Encore Production of: "Calling All Dawns" 
by Christopher Tin
- directed by David Rutherford
Featuring Choreography by Kim Robards Dance
@ Temple Hoyne Buell Theatre, Denver Performing Arts Complex

March 10
Guest Leader for Movement Mass @ Boulder Circus Center